REVO R6 H11 LED Bulbs

5 Sided H11 LED headlight Bulbs

REVO R6 H11 LED System

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Included in each REVO R6 H11 LED Conversion Kit:

2x REVO R6 5 Sided H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

2x H11 LED Bulb Drivers

2x H11 LED Headlight Connectors

2 Year or Optional Lifetime Warranty

Installation Guide

Product Details:

5-Sided H11 LED BULBS – (Set of 2 Bulbs) Five Sided H11 LED headlight bulbs provide FULL coverage beam pattern with no dark spots. Constant current producing 3200LM per 30W Bulb, 6400LM per 60W Pair. Operating Voltage is DC 9-32V (12V, 24V Vehicles-Bikes-ATVs-Sleds)

Five Sided H11 LED BULBS providing FULL OEM 360 beam pattern without dark or patchy spots. Color Temperature 6000K Super Bright Lumen Output Clocked in at 6400LM Per Pair. Up to 220% brighter than your standard halogen bulbs. We offer 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Customer Service.

PROFESSIONAL GRADE 5 - Sided H11 LED Headlight Bulbs Built with Aviation Grade 6063 Aluminum and housed with 12000 RPM Powerful Turbo Cooling Fans ensuring your H11 LED Headlight Conversion Kit lasts over 50,000 hrs. Shock-Resistance design endure rough handling for street and off road use. Heat and short-circuit protection integrated LED drivers.

IP68 RATED WATER-PROOF AND DUST PROTECTION 5-Sided H11 LED Headlight Bulbs, Drivers, and Connectors. Superior protection compared to IP65/67 rated LED bulbs. Providing protection from heavy rain, moisture, and abrasive dusty environments. Protected from immersion in water. Very important for any 5-Sided H11 LED headlight bulbs lifespan.

PLUG AND PLAY INSTALLATION 5-Sided H11 LED bulbs can be installed in under 30 min. LED Drivers supply INSTANT full brightness without delay. Our bulbs are CANBUS Compatible and work with most standard headlight computer systems. A select few sensitive vehicle systems may require decoders. EX: 05+ Benz, BMW, Jeep, Volvo, 12+ Fords, and 10+ Dodge, Ram. Questions? Contact us for answers.

Built-in Driver/LED Controller

Aviation Grade 6063 Aluminum Bulb Shells

Complete 360° Beam Pattern via 5 Sided LED Stocks

Up To 50,000 Hour Lifespan

Heat and Short Circuit Protection

Operating Voltage 9-32V

0.001 Second Full Bright Instant Start Up

Please verify you have adequate room for LED bulb base before ordering.