92069-0005 LED Headlight Bulbs

92069-0005 LED headlight Bulbs

Bright LED headlight bulb replacement upgrade for:

Kawasaki part# 92069-0005 and part# 92069-0006 Brute Force KVF750 KVF650

Included in each package:

2x 92069-0005 LED Headlight Bulbs

2x 92069-0005 Headlight Connectors

90 Day Warranty

Price: $129.98

Pre-Order - Product Launch Early April 2022

Reserve your set prior to release or sellout!

Pre-Sale Discout: 10% Off - Code: HIFIVE10

92069-0005 LED Headlight bulbs are three times brighter than your factory headlight bulbs. Our custom LED bulbs have rotational adjustable focus capability, giving you the ability to dial in your beam pattern. Unlike any other available 92069-0005 headlight bulb upgrade for this headlight bulb type.

92069-0005 LED Bulbs

92069-0005 LED Bulbs
92069-0005 bulbs
92069-0005 bulb cross reference

Please verify you have adequate room for LED bulb base before ordering. Our LED bulbs will require more room behind the headlight than your stock halogen headlight bulb. Due to this items like dust covers and caps may need to be modified to account for the larger LED bulb base.

Cooling Fan Size: 1.5 Inch Wide by 1.5 Inch Long

Technical Specifications:

Two Sided LED 92069-0005 Bulbs

Low beam and High beam Function in each LED bulb


Input Voltage: DC 9-36V

Wattage: 30w / 35w

Voltage: DC 12V

Built-in LED drivers with whisper turbo cooling fans

3500LM Per Bulb


92069-0005 LED Bulbs