Slim HID Ballasts

Digital slim ballast from HID kit Inside a digital slim ballast of a HID KIT HID kit after installation Working HID kit in the rain Regular headlights and HID KIT installed on car


Price: $44.99 ea / $79.98 pair

Ballast Specs

Ballast Dimensions: L 73* W 63 * H 17

Input Voltage: 9~17V

Max Start Voltage: 23kv

Warm Boot Current: 3.2A

Cold Boot Current: 6A

Output Power: 35w

Working Temperature: -40Centigrate~ +105Centigrade

Power Efficiency: Reach 83%

Working Frequency: 260~310Hz

Average Lifespan: Up to 3500h

HIDsRUS HID XENON DIGITAL SLIM BALLASTS available! Now, you can upgrade the look of your setup, with sleek, stylish, slim ballasts. With an HIDsRUS Digital Slim Ballast, your headlights be powered by the best in the business. The best part is, our HID Digital Slim ballasts provide the same power as standard ballasts, so you can upgrade your style without sacrificing any of your output! Our HID digital slim ballasts are weatherproof, waterproof, and extremely resistant to external pressure and force. You can rest assured that the finest technology has been implemented into our HID digital slim ballasts, providing maximum efficiency.

The HID Digital Ballast is designed to operate with an existing HID Kit. However, if you already have an aftermarket HID kit not purchased through us, do not worry! Our ballasts are compatible with 99% of HID kits. You can also exchange out a standard HID Ballast for our HIDsRUS HID Digital Slim Ballast without missing a beat. Plus, with simple plug and play installation, you can swap our your old ballast for an HIDsRUS Digital Ballast in seconds!

*Note: HID DIGITAL BALLASTS will only work with a pre-existing aftermarket HID Conversion Kit.