Relay Harness for HID Kits

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HID Relay Harness

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Price: $14.99 ea.

HIDsRUS HID RELAY HARNESS! Designed to help maximize efficiency with a pre-existing HID KIT, as well as eliminate potential problems. Whether you are having trouble with your HID kit, or looking to strengthen your current setup, our HID relay harness will cover you!

All vehicle's are different. There are many factors that can effect the efficiency of your vehicle. Poor air conditioning circulation, old wiring, car stereo setups, and a weaker battery signal are just a few examples of ways that you can draw too much power. We can't fix your stereo (well, we could, just the whole long distance thing), but we can help you make sure your lights do not have to suffer!

With an HIDsRUS HID Relay Harness, you'll draw power directly from your battery, instead of the headlight harness. Doing this will prevent many potential issues such as light flickering, power problems, dashboard warnings, and compatibility issues. To make sure we can provide the proper harness for you, please specify the bulb type you have.

*Note: HID RELAY HARNESS will only work with a pre-existing aftermarket HID Conversion Kit.